How Best to install a Stone Resin Shower Tray

If you have chosen to install a New Stone Resin Shower Tray before you start we will always advise to read the manufactures instructions fully.

Although these instruction are comprehensive we will always recommend that a technically competent installer undertake the installation.

However should you choose to install the shower tray yourself we have a helpful step-by=step guide to help make your installation a simple and easier process to complete.

Before you begin to Unpack your tray check that the tray you have is the correct colour, shape, size and type you ordered? as mostly once these have been opened and removed from the manufactures packing they are Non returnable.

Once you are happy that you have the tray required to fit your space then proceed to unpack and check it further for any damage that was not immediately visible due to the protective packaging.

DO NOT install if you are not satisfied and contact your supplier.

When considering your installation method, you should be able to attach or repair your waste or waste outlet in-situ.


When handling your shower tray take care not to damage the bottom edges and when installing take particular care to protect the visible surface from impact damage or abrasions.

Safety Note:

These are heavy products and require a 2 -person lift.

Care & Use of Your Shower Tray:

The installation instructions should be retained for possible future reference.

The shower tray can be maintained in a as new condition for many years just by following a simple cleaning procedure as follows:

It is normal for a small amount of localised water to be retained on the shower tray surface after use which should be wiped dry to prevent a build up sediment.

The shower tray should be cleaned regularly with warm, soapy water only and dried with a soft cloth. Never use scourers, abrasives, bleach or other chemical cleaners.

Now we have that part out of the way here are your easy to follow instructions:

Installation - Solid Floor

To start place the shower tray into position on the floor

(ensuring surface is level) and mark the perimeter and waste hole on the floor including an area outside the perimeter for access to connect plumbing ( as dictated by the installation location) after the tray has been installed.

Form a trench in the floor to hold the waste unit and piping.

Before proceeding, dry fit all items in-situ to ensure compatibility.

Install your waste unit and piping in the trench in accordance with building regulations, protecting any exposed threads with masking tape.