How do you Choose the Right Shower Enclosure?

For many households we all love to start the day with a shower to wake us up!

So here we have compiled a buyer's guide to help you choose the perfect shower design for your needs.

Bathrooms & En-Suite's are often the smallest of rooms in the house so pre-planning is essential to gain the optimum option available to you and your space.

Firstly take a look at your Layout.

Assess the walls you can utilise to create the best use of space for your enclosure, taking into account any sanitary ware required, windows, doors and any other obstacles.


Recessed requires - 3 walls

Corner requires - 2 walls

3-Sided requires - 1 wall


If you have 3 walls together then you can accommodate this options it simply involves a Shower door/Glass panel across the front opening to create your enclosure.

There are generally 6 designs available to create this option, all of which have their own individual Pros & Cons.

1) Hinged Door: A popular design which has hinges to one side & opens out fully into the room, this means it requires more space to the front of the enclosure than some other designs.

2) Pivot Door: The pivot is very similar to the hinged door it opens out into the room, except for the pivot door mechanism feature makes them recede slightly into the enclosure as it opens, so slightly less of the door encroaches into the room, therefore a little less floor space will be require.

3) Sliding Door: Sliding doors glide on rollers from one side behind a static panel. This is an ideal space saving option with No impact to the room at all.

However sliding doors are only manufactured from a minimum of 1000mm width to ensure a suitable comfortable entry/exit.