Make the most from a Small Bathroom

Do you only have a very small bathroom and want to update to a new modern look?.

Then why not have yourself an over the bath shower with a glass screen to keep all of the water spray contained, giving you the best of both worlds this allows for those quick in & out shower times or the luxury of that long hot soak when you have more time.

Make the most of your available space:

Then take a look at the Combination Basin & Wc Units which give a contemporary look with the ultimate space saving solution.

These are available in a choice of Left or Right Hand, several colour options and two width storage choices for keeping all your lotions and cleaning items hidden away tidy.

Small Space Solutions:

As you see a small bathroom does not mean an impractical bathroom, its all down to best use of the space you have.

Remember keep things light & bright.

You can also give the room the appearance of being larger with the use of a large mirror which will increase any available light.

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