Panel Riser Pack


The panel riser pack enables most shower trays of any shape or size to be converted to a raised installation. The circular base plates and feet allow the tray to be levelled quickly and creates a full stress support across the tray.


The packs are available in 3 designs:


1. Panel Riser kit for Square/Rectangle & Pentangle Trays of a length up to a size of 700mm- 1200mm


2. Panel Riser kit for Quadrant/Offset Quadrant Trays with radius of 550mm


3. Panel Riser kit 1800mm for Rectangle Trays lengths between sizes of 1300mm-1800mm

K-Vit Easy Plumb Shower Tray Panel Riser Kit

PriceFrom £65.00

This product is Only available to order with a sized shower tray or complete enclosure package Not as a single sale item.

We regret to have to do this but delivery as a single unit is Not available due to the size and fragile nature of this item.